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"Avtaran": Shiv Baba's Coming (Must watch)

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Video Description

'Avtaran' is the most important documentary film made by Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University till date (2020). It is a story of Shiv Baba's coming. The coming of our eternal spiritual father, the Supreme soul, God Shiva. BK Suraj bhai of Gyan Sarovar (Mount Abu) is the host/guide in this story-film.

This documentary not only speaks the coming of God, but also illustrates and re-produce the accurate scenes. Must SHARE this video page to BK brothers and sisters in your connection.

✱ Story ✱
The story play takes us to the very beginning, when Dada Lekhraj (later known as Brahma baba) suddenly started getting visions of destruction of the old world (Kaliyug) and re-establishment of the new world (Satyug). With this, later he also sees how the tiny stars were coming down from the sky on earth, and as soon as they touch the ground, they take a form of a male of female deity (devi or devta). This arose many questions in his mind. One morning, while he was remembreing God as while praying, he again got a vision of heaven (new world), and with that he listens a voice - ''You will make such a world''.

Having one after another divine experiences, Dada Lekhraj already had deep disinterest from the world, while he was still not sure whether who is after all this. The story also plays a scene when Dada Lekhraj was attending a Satsung, while had a divine experience. He goes to the other room and what happens...

✱ It was late 1936 ✱
God starts speaking through him and explaining the knowledge of true Geeta. Shiva (Shiv Baba) inspires him to start a day school for small children, who were taught Gita, in addition to general education. Many of the people who attended the satsung received some or other divine experience after which they decided to surrender their life as per God's will. Story moves ahead when the group (Om Mandli) goes and settles near sea-shore at Karachi (Pakistan). Their, they do intense Tapasya for nearly 14 years, after which they comes to Mount Abu as per Shiv baba's directions.

The story flies ahead in years when God (Shiv Baba) continues to reveal deeper and deeper secrets through his chariot (Brahma) in Sakar Murlis.

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